Our website is in a Costume Change.

For all Marketing and Business Development needs, please email us at

Our website is in a Costume Change.

For all Marketing and Business Development needs, please email us at

Helping clients live their dreams...and send their kids to space camp.

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Helping demoers live a thriving life with fulfilling work.

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Create conscious consumers.

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About us

Our communities, where we are born and also where we choose to live, are important. The people who live in our neighborhoods, work at our butchers, cultivate our regional crops, incubate their dream businesses here – those individuals matter in the fabric of our lives. Shopping locally stimulates our local and regional economy. That means there are more jobs for the people we have chosen to share our cities with. As our money goes through the economic machine and ends up in the pockets of our neighbors, the quality of our community only goes up, along with the quality of life each citizen in that community.

Sweet Leenie keeps our regional community bustling and thriving. We enhance our homes by working with businesses that are putting as much into our community as we are. In partnership, we cultivate regional food identities and fill pantries with the inspirations of our clients.

Why local? Because we are proud of our community and when it does better we all do better.

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Our advocates love to learn about what we advocate for and work together to be compelling


We don’t just hire anyone, only the passionate and compelling make it to our team


Everything get better with practice and our advocate meet regularly to improve their craft


Our advocates have a great track record of sales and brand out reach because of our process!

Tailored services

From Demonstrations and sales assistance to quick checks and specialized packages Sweet leenie can be your source for growth.

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The heart of every growth campaign, we are experts.


Our form of merchandising, easier and effective.


Long standing relationship with buyers and new account acquisition.


From branding to pricing, we have a finger on the pulse of current trends.


Package and product design proven to speak to your market.


We will travel anywhere you need to spread your brands message.

Local Business Advocates

Our team of professionals have years of experience getting the message out about great food brands. All of us are passionate members of the local community. Whether that community is Philadelphia, DC, Baltimore or North Virginia, we come first as members of the community, and this give us an edge of authenticy that is hard to create artificially.

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