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The love for local started with my father and the small, local business he operated out of our home. That spirit has continued through my entire life. Sweet Leenie is a family affair and allows my kids, my husband and I to be apart of the team, from the meetings with the team and our mascot (my daughter Olivia) to making my husband and son official test bunnies of our new clients’ products.

Sign: Aries

Region: Maryland

Favorite Animal: Horse

Favorite Food: Ice cream

Start Date: 2014


Small, local business is important to me in every field. I grew up in a small business working with other small businesses in a small community. Knowing who you’re doing business with, what their ethics are, their story, and their product are all the motivations I need, but I also feel proud knowing I am directly contributing to the economy in my immediate vicinity, to the father of three who is trying to send his kids to college, to the woman following her dreams of living off her passion for design. Looking to my neighbors and their neighbors and the people who work and live where I do is all the evidence I need that advocating for small business is where I am meant to be.

Sign: Virgo

Region: Pennsylvania/New Jersey

Favorite Animal: Raven

Favorite Food: Smoked Alaskan Sockeye

Start Date: 2016


Working as a local business advocate has helped me to grow as both a public speaker and a leader. I’m lucky to spend my days helping people live their dreams by promoting their businesses and helping the businesses grow. When I’m not working I’m your general low-level hipster. I like cafes, craft beer, reading, and finding new local businesses to support wherever I am. 

Sign: Leo

Region: Maryland

Favorite Animal: Cats

Favorite Food: Homemade pesto

Start Date: 2014


Hello! I am a Baltimore native who recently relocated to Washington, DC to continue my work as a stage and screen actor. As an actor and avid yogi, I have alway had a passion for wholesome and delicious food. I am constantly on the go and know that if I’m going to be on my A-game, I need to fuel my body with natural, local products that will help me thrive in this bustling city. I am looking forward to sharing my passion for good food with YOU! See you around town.

Sign: Aries

Region: Washington, DC

Favorite Animal: Sloth

Favorite Food: Salmon

Start Date: 2016


So excited to be working as a brand advocate for Sweet Leenies! Hailing from Western Maryland (no, not West Virginia), and most recently relocating from Baltimore, I grew up loving and respecting small and local businesses. While I’m not advocating with Sweet Leenies, I am busy being a thespian and recently started becoming a political activist (always feeling that Bern). I’m also a huge sports junkie, so you can always catch me cheering on my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers, making a March Madness Bracket or rooting against LeBron James. Boom.

Sign: Cancer

Region: Washington, DC

Favorite Animal: Cats! Or anything in the Feline Family

Favorite Food: Buffalo infused anything! Nom Nom!

Start Date: 2016


I love not only learning but also sharing the beauty of supporting local to other people. My family has always been about “living off the land ” and I want to be abel to cary on that philosophy in my own way.

Sign: Libra

Region: Richmond,Va

Favorite Animal: Elephant

Favorite Food: Anything Spicy

Start Date: 2016


Shelby loves helping everyone and singing oldies duets. She is proper and intelligent, with a deep compassion for the planet.

Sign: Leo

Region: Maryland

Favorite Animal: Icelandic horse

Favorite Food: Vanilla bean ice cream

Start Date: 2015


I have been eating local exclusively since birth. Proof that local IS cuter. I love fingers, cookies, and camera knapping. You can find me in the office, as I am the chief happiness officer, and one dang great professional baby.

Sign: Sagittarius

Region: Your heart

Favorite Animal: butterflies

Favorite Food: All dairy

Start Date: 2015