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Best Bar Ever

If you currently eat protein or snack bars, be prepared to change the way you think about them forever. The Best Bar Ever is here to revolutionize the way protein bars SHOULD be made. Since we do things differently, here’s what you need to know. The Best Bar Ever was created in response to our frustration with today’s protein bar landscape. Unfortunately, most protein bars on the market are simply candy bars in disguise. Marketed with misleading nutritional claims, these bars are made from low quality ingredients and, frankly, taste like a mouthful of chalk.

Instead of being driven by health and quality, the entire protein bar market has become focused on marketing gimmicks and extended shelf life. We’re here to change that because we believe people deserve something more. Here’s what makes our bar different. It’s Nutritionally Balanced – The truth is, most protein bars are simply candy bars in disguise. Though marketed as “Healthy”, they are full of fillers, sugar alcohols, and other unnatural ingredients. Not The Best Bar Ever! Packed with 15g of protein, this Gluten-Free bar is made from a nutritious blend of mixed nuts, dried fruit, oats, premium proteins, honey, and molasses – all in balanced combinations. This provides you with a perfect blend of heart-healthy fats, quality carbs, and premium proteins.

Company: Best Bar Ever   Clients Since: 2016   Category: Meal Bar, Protien Bar   Tags: Clean, Real Food, Crossfit

B'more Organic Smoothies

Viking settlers are believed to have brought the knowledge of how to make skyr with them from Norway to Iceland. But, the art of skyr—making has been lost in Scandinavia. Skyr is still a very popular product in Iceland, a country with the world’s second longest life expectancy. Skyr looks and tastes like Greek yogurt. It’s made with skim milk, so it’s naturally very low in sugar and is fat-free. It’s also an excellent source of protein and calcium. Much of the lactose is consumed by the bacteria, so it can be consumed by people who are lactose sensitive.The special bacteria culture also gives skyr its taste and makes it full of healthy probiotics.

Company: B’more Organic   Clients Since: 2013   Category: Skyr, high protien, organic   Tags: Baltimore, smoothie, climb for hope

Bright Greens

My name is Brian Mitchell and I’m the founder/creator of Bright Greens Smoothie Shakers. I created this product because focusing on eating more plant-based foods has dramatically improved my health and Bright Greens is the easiest, best way I’ve ever seen to get more plants into your diet every day. After 4 years of working with natural-foods companies, and 5 more at Whole Foods Market, I left my job to start something seriously new. I wanted to make it easier for people to make good decisions about food in real time. We’re busy and surrounded by food options that rarely make us feel well, but are incredibly tempting. On average, Americans eat 2-3 of the 9 recomended servings of fruits and veggies per day (each Bright Greens Smoothie contains about 7-8). My hope is that with your help we can grow Bright Greens into a popular daily ritual that helps people slow the pendulum swing between impulse eating and any temporary diet. When I created these frozen-fresh, instantly-ready and great-tasting green smoothies I got crazy excited. My faith in Bright Greens grows with every new supporter and when you try our smoothie shakers you will understand why. Please feel free to email us at with any comments or questions.

Company: Bright Greens   Clients Since: 2015   Category: Smoothies, Greens, Fruit   Tags: No mess, No blender, no time


Dolcezza is a gelato & coffee shop located in Washington DC, serving daily-made gelato & expertly crafted coffee drinks in 5 shops and several downtown farmers’ markets. We produce small batches of hand-made gelato every morning in our expansive Gelato Factory & Coffee Lab in the Union Market neighborhood, using the best available ingredients: local fruits, herbs, nuts, cheese, milk and cream. Combining old-world methods and a curiosity for innovation, we craft an exquisite gelato with a conscience. Most ingredients are grown locally by our farmer friends, who hand-pick their produce at peak ripeness before bringing it to the market the next day. We squeeze the citrus one by one, melt the chocolate, infuse the herbs, grind the nuts and roast the spices, all with our own hands, every step of the way. Creating our gelato has taught us to measure time with the seasons and to stay close with our local farmers as they teach us about the beautiful bounty from their land.

Company: Dolcezza   Clients Since: 2013   Category: Gelato, Expresso, DC   Tags: Seasonal, Family owned, locally sourced


Ketchung! is the spicy addition your meal needs. Korean inspired Ketchung! started with the idea that you should have choices when it comes to ketchup. Why does mustard get to come in a variety of styles? Even pickles come in different flavors! Helen Chung, the mastermind behind Ketchung! has always enjoyed blending flavors, mixing sauces and playing with words. Out of this comes Ketchung! – ketchup, Chung style! Taste it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Company: Ketchung   Clients Since: 2015   Category: Ketchup, Spice, Korean   Tags: DC, locally sourced, Grilling

Kra Drinks for Athletes

Certified USDA Organic, Certified OU Kosher, Non-GMO, Gluten Free

Socially conscious KRa for Play Giveback Program – Supports Youth Sports Programs

No Chemicals, Artificial Dyes, or Fake Sweeteners

NEW, Awesome-Tasting Organic Sports Drink

Organic Hydration = Peak Performance

Company: Kra Drinks for Athletes   Clients Since: 2016   Category: Sports Drink, Organic   Tags: DC, Athletes, Hydration

Reginalds Homemade

Do peanuts come from peanut butter? For most of us, a love of peanut butter began in childhood. So it’s fitting that it was a child who posed this question to us. Of course, we know the answer. But turn that question on its ear, and the answer becomes less clear: Does peanut butter come from peanuts? We’re not sure the answer has always been yes. But it sure as heck is now. We craft Reginald’s Homemade using only the finest natural ingredients—and very few of them. Starting with a lovable legume that carries a proud history: The Virginia peanut. (We think it’s the greatest known to mankind.) Deliciously roasted, of course. Then we add a smidge of oil. Just enough. And we’re done. That is, unless, you want to take your adventure to peanut butter Nirvana just a bit farther to places like Apple Sin, Nana Honey, Hazelnut Amaretto, or White Chocolate Macadamia. Here, you’ll find only real fruit and natural extracts. No added salt. No preservatives. Ever. Same goes for our other lovable butters, like cashew. So dig in. Lick your knife. Scoop with a spoon. Dip your fingers (or a friend’s). When you’re done, we guarantee you’ll have the cleanest peanut butter jar you’ve ever seen.The Aztecs discovered it. George Washington Carver popularized it. Reginald’s Homemade perfected it. For the love of peanut butter.

Company: Reginalds Homemade  Clients Since: 2013   Category: Peanut butter   Tags: Virginia, locally sourced, unique flavors

Salazon Chocolate

All of our cacao is sourced directly from the Confederación Nacional de Cacaocultores Dominicanos (CONACADO), a democratically-run cooperative organization of small-scale producers in the Dominican Republic. CONACADO is a Fair Trade organization that empowers cacao farmers to export their products directly to consumer markets, thereby raising wages and reducing dependency on exploitative middlemen. These farmers grow their cacao using sustainable practices under ideal conditions – in the shade of canopy fruit-producing trees.

Company: Salazon Chocolate   Clients Since: 2013   Category: Chocolate, Salted, Vegan   Tags: Dominican Republic, Cocoa, Kosher

Shenendoah Spice Company

Welcome to Shenandoah Spice Company, we are so happy you’re here. Shenandoah Spice Company’s recipes are pioneered in the spirit of old valley traditions using all natural herbs and spices. This company was founded by two young entrepreneurial guys that love and appreciate food. The business model was created while floating down the beautiful Shenandoah river and has been thriving ever since. In addition to the pre-made blends, special requests due to preference, dietary needs and etc are warmly welcomed. If you are having trouble finding a specific herb or spice, ask and you shall receive (to the best of our abilities)! As you peruse our site, looking for the best seasoning blend for your kitchen please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Thanks so much, RUB IT IN!

Company: Shenendoah Spice Company   Clients Since: 2013   Category: Spices, Meat rubs, Grill   Tags: 10 minute meals, Virginia


Jenna, the founder of Whisked!, is originally from Eugene, Oregon. Jenna has always been a passionate baker, spending hours making cakes for her college committee meetings at the University of Washington and baking through almost every recipe in Rose Levy Beranbaum’s The Bread Bible. In 2005, Jenna moved to Washington DC and never looked back. After a few years spent getting to know the city and falling in love with the up-and-coming DC food scene, Jenna started ModernDomestic in 2008; a blog about baking and pastry, which quickly became a local hit. On the blog, Jenna discussed the science of baking, shared favorite recipes, and interviewed DC-area pastry chefs. In 2010 she decided to follow her passion and quit her full-time job to become a baker at Treet, an online bakery. She worked at several other area food businesses, including Soupergirl, The Big Cheese Truck, and Spilled Milk Catering, to learn the ropes before launching Whisked! in 2011. The influence of Jenna’s enterprising spirit and love of homemade baked goods on Whisked! products is unmistakable. We don’t take shortcuts, ensuring every pie, cookie, and quiche is made with the same attention as if you were baking in your own home.

Company: Whisked!   Clients Since: 2015   Category: Cookies, Pies, Keesh   Tags: DC, locally sourced, handmade

Golden Path

Golden Path, is family owned, all-natural, hand-made Sauce company in Lansdale, PA. Golden Path sauces are made with non gmo and organic ingredients, less in sugar / sodium, gluten-free and vegan! All delicious and nutritious and spreading a healthy lifestyle. In 2009, my wife and I decided to become vegetarians. We were having severe digestive issues which affected our health. We both wanted to live healthier lifestyles. Jenna was the first of us, to start experimenting with different herbs and spices looking, for tasty diverse flavors to enhance our culinary experience. She discovered that traditional Indian and Asian cuisine had tremendous health benefits, mainly due to the ingredients, such as ginger, turmeric, and chilies. Originally, our sauces were something we made at our home just for ourselves, when friends and family tasted them and loved them, we knew they were good, but when they started wanting their own jars, we knew we had something special. We only use the highest quality ingredients, because there is no substitute for good quality and great taste! We would like our products to be enjoyed by all far and wide, to experience the high quality healthy ingredients, taste and versatility of our products.

Company: Golden Path   Clients Since: 2016   Category: Ketchup, sauce, superfoods   Tags: Indian, simmer sauce, dipping sauce

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